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Important note: In Virtonomics "service sector" has two meaning: first meaning is all types of subdivisions which provide "services" to customers (Restaurants, finesses, auto repair, hospitals etc.), second meaning is the particular business area and qualification - service sector, which includes finesses, hair salons and laundries

Service sector

Service subdivisions providing services to virtual customers. Unlike store there is no local AI competitors in cities, all markets are captured only by real players.

Service sector qualification contains following types of subdivisions: finesses, hair salons and laundries. Those subdivision do not require consumables to operate but usually they don't bring a lot of income. Also there are certain specializations, some of which has higher operational expenses.

Note: Although service sector is not that profitable area of business it can bring stable income with smart location choice and high qualification of top manager. Also there are regular government tenders which allows you to win very valuable VIRTs which you can exchange for huge amount of cash or find another food use for it.


Medicine is another type of service sector business but it is quite different from other kinds. Firstly, medical centers and hospitals has to be built and building may take a lot of time and money. As all subdivisions which player has to built, hospitals do not pay rent to city's budget. Also when you choosing a city for a medical center you can't choose location withing the city, therefore competition can be a bit harder and specialization choice becomes more important. Secondly, medical centers consume energy and these expenses may be high. Also salary there is much higher then in restaurants and finesses, therefore training your workers (doctors and medical personnel) is usually makes a lot of sense to decrease total expenses. After all, medicine is log term business which is a bit harder to start then other services.


Restaurants are classic type of services. There are many available specializations with different kinds of consumables. Restaurants usually have low labor and rent expenses and the main expenses there is price of consumables. In addition to that in certain cases restaurants equipment can be very expensive depending on market conditions. Location and specialization choice is crucial for restaurants.

Auto repair

Auto repair is relatively new type of services. It based on "auto repair and gas stations" qualification. Auto repair mechanic is quite similar to restaurants but consumables may cost much more due to the fact that most of them produced from limited natural resources.

Note: To have 100% growth speed of "auto repair and gas stations" qualification your workers should be splitted. 50% of them has to work in auto repair and 50% should work in gas stations. If you have only gas stations or only auto repair, your maximum qualification growth speed will decrease.

Note: For effective growth of TOP manager's qualification for all these types of services you should have high level of service in each of your subdivision. Low level of service will decrease qualification growth speed. Total efficiency lower then 100% (even 99.9%) will decrease level of service. Also broken equipment going to decrease total efficiency. Therefore to keep all your services fully profitable you should regularly repair equipment.