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Brand – is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

Brand in Virotnomics

Brand - is a quantative characteristic of a products which is represented in a retail chain.
Products which have brand value are more attractive to customers. Usually those products receive sales boost. Brand for a particular product and for a particular city is a separate value. .
Franchise Products and Trade marks products (TM) have a basic brand 0,1 or higher.

Creating a brand

To create a brand for your product you have to start a marketing campaign. This can be done in a regional office. To do so you should start advertising in a targeted city.
You can also "improve" brand in all cities of the region all together. This option is available in the office. Advertising in all cities of a regions is more effective than advertising in many cities separately. To do a global advertising you should do marketing campaign in a multiple offices.

Brand growth

Brand grows in non linear way. This means that when you start a campaign its growth will be fast but later it will slow down. The amount of money you spend on advertising at the moment called - the cost of brand support.
If you stop the marketing campaign brand value will gradually decrease.

Brand features

The main feature of a brand is:
Each product produced has a brand.
From the beginning this product is "no name" (has no brand, an undefined product).
When you start a marketing campaign in any city this brand gets a value:
In a city where you have a advertising spending - >=0, ergo, the value which is determined by a marketing budget.
In all other cities/regions = 0. (but this is also a brand!)


  • If in a store you have a product "no name", then advertising will not have any influence on its brand (undefined+brand addition=undefined)  

Brand will increase only for products which were produced after the start of marketing campaign.  

  • If this store has brand "0", then after the start of marketing campaign in this city brand value will increase, proportionally to the marketing budget.

Ergo everywhere, no matter where this product is stored and when it was produced.

Another feature of a brand is that you can start its advertising even when you started building its factory. In other words, when you starting building a factory you can already start to improve the brand in any city/region.