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Brand – is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

Brand in Virotnomics

Brand - is a quantative characteristic of a products which is represented in a retail chain.
Products which have brand value are more attractive to customers. Usually those products receive sales boost. Brand for a particular product and for a particular city is a separate value. .
Franchise Products and Trade marks products (TM) have a basic brand 0,1 or higher.

Creating a brand

To create a brand for your product you have to start a marketing campaign. This can be done in a regional office. To do so you should start advertising in a targeted city.
You can also "improve" brand in all cities of the region all together. This option is available in the office. Advertising in all cities of a regions is more effective than advertising in many cities separately. To do a global advertising you should do marketing campaign in a multiple offices.

Brand growth

Brand grows in non linear way. This means that when you start a campaign its growth will be fast but later it will slow down. The amount of money you spend on advertising at the moment called - the cost of brand support.
If you stop the marketing campaign brand value will gradually decrease.

Brand features

The main feature of a brand is:
Each product produced has a brand.
From the beginning this product is "no name" (has no brand, an undefined product).
When you start a marketing campaign in any city this brand gets a value:
In a city where you have a advertising spending - >=0, ergo, the value which is determined by a marketing budget.
In all other cities/regions = 0. (but this is also a brand!)

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Another feature of a brand is that you can start its advertising even when when you started building its factory. In other words, when you starting building a factory you can already start to improve the brand in any city/region.