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Power plants and were added into the game in November 26, 2013

Power Plants produce and sell energy to customers within Virtonimics. To manage power plants top manager has qualification called Power Plants

Qualification growth speed depends on total number of employees in the industry and also it depends on ecological safety level in each power plant. The main difference from other production areas in Virtonomics is that energy can’t be accumulated (stored). It means that all produced energy will be sold right after moment of production.

Another big difference from factories and farms is that technology works quite differently for Power Plants. New technologies not going to increase the amount of produced energy, instead they will reduce required amount of supplies (coal, fuel oil) by 5% per each technological level (^0.95). Therefore high technologies may significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Also high technologies increase level of ecological safety.

High technologies increase requirements of fuel oil and coal quality and of these requirements have not met, total production of energy going to decrease. Power plants have to be built, not rented. Building usually takes a lot of time so it might be smart to consider buying ready power plants from another player to save time.

Types of Power Plants

  • Coal-fired power plant. These power plants need special coal power block (equipment). Equipment for all types of power plants is complicated and requires many parts (5 parts from 4 different factories). Therefore it can be hard to get equipment for power plants on the free market and it can be very expensive.

Coal-fired power plants consume coal of minimum quality 1.25 (with 1st technology). Higher technologies increase quality requirements.

  • Oil-fired power plant is very similar to coal-fired PP with few differences. The main difference is that Oil is much more eco-friendly material so its level of ecological safety is usually much higher. This can be important in case of certain political projects which might be activated in the region. Some of these projects can ban all non-eco-friendly (low level of ecological safety) power plants.
  • Incinerators are very interesting and unusual type of power plants. They do not require any supplies (city’s garbage is their supplies) but they limited to only city’s energy market. Incinerators can’t sell energy to the region / world / corporation etc. Usually most of incinerators have very high production expenses.

Note: Level of production expenses may be affected by amount of garbage city has

Technology works differently for incinerators. Each technological level decrease production expenses by 5% (^0.95) and also technologies increase level of ecological safety. It can be hard to make your incinerator profitable but with wise location choice (city with high energy consumption and low competition) and with high technologies it can be possible. Also training your workers there will have great effect on decreasing total expenses in case your incinerator working at full capacity.

Even though it can be hard to make your incinerator profitable it allows you to improve your qualification without spending any valuable supplies (coal / oil). Don’t forget that incinerators helping mayors and making their energy expenses lower so it might me a good idea to build few of them in the city where you are mayor.

Cities always buying cheapest energy they can get. If your incinerator does not work, one reason might be that other players selling energy cheaper then you and they took the entire market share.

Distribution policy

  • International distribution: all produces energy will be bought by independent buyer (AI) for 25% of the “world’s price”. For example if now world’s price is equal to $100, you can always sell your energy for %25 per each MWh.
  • Regional distribution: energy will be sold to the region where power plant is located for the price not higher than current world’s price. If region can’t buy energy anymore, energy will be sold to independent buyer for 15% of the “world’s price”.
  • City’s distribution. Energy going to be sold to the city for a price, not higher than regional tariff. All not sold energy will be sold to independent buyer for 15% of the “world’s price”.
  • Corporate distribution is when produced energy going to be sold to members of your corporation in this region. This works only in case price is lower than regional tariff. All not sold energy will disappear.
  • Private distribution means that all produced energy can be consumed only by the owner of this power plant. Private distribution works only if a price is lower than regional tariff. All not sold energy will disappear.

How it works?

Firstly all private and corporate distribution is calculated. They supply to players subdivisions directly. Then all cities are calculated. If players’ power plants selling energy cheaper then regional tariff, city will be energy from players. If players’ price is the same, city will buy from biggest power plants. Then all regions are calculated in the same way.

World market is stable. World is always ready to buy additional energy.

Ones in Virtonomics year with all salary, education and other global changes world price of energy going to change as well, as well as world’s level of eco safety. The mechanic for world price is like that: if not many players involved in energy areas – price will go up. If many players selling energy – price will follow players’ actions (their prices and tariffs).